About Us

  • Small Sales Team so easier to deal with same person when after sales service is required.
  • Hands on experience – Many of products & systems sold tested or used personally.
  • On Site repairs available – Can wait whilst goods are assessed or drop & collect later same day.
  • Loan units available where repairs or replacements must be returned to manufacturer or agent for inspection or repair.
  • Where we are unable to help, we generally know the people who can.
  • Having dealt with a broad spectrum of users, fields, idea’s and theories so can provide valuable input that may be missed elsewhere.
  • Overall your experience should generally be more intimate and more informative.
  • We can customise to suit client’s needs.
  • Customised orders put together on site whilst you wait (If stock available) or within 24-48hrs if components not in stock.
  • Solutions driven – Not just looking to sell products but provide clients with water saving solutions.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Approved by the local, national government & recycling governing bodies for complying to relevant laws and complying to associated standards.

Some interesting TRUTH’s about BG Servers:

  • BG was not built on a vision, dream or any idea or theory formulated by the two brothers that steward it.
  • There was no business plan or blue print they had to work from or follow.
  • Both had no grandeur hopes of being the next great entrepreneurs, in fact it was quite to the contrary with one wanting to travel the world adventuring and earning a living with Dive Master Qualification & Paragliding experience, the other being the conservative, un-risky, squares type looking to settle in an established secure company where the only risk would be fulfilling his well laid out function.
  • So, when the older was asked by his Dad to open a business with his younger brother who he had no real relationship with…shared no common interest with…and approached life very differently his thoughts were – You must be MAL! And this under the supervision of his Dad who he had parted ways with a year earlier due to very different principles & thoughts on running business!!
  • But before the older could even express what he felt a scripture verse fell into his head. Having never read that part of the Bible he had to search for the book in the index. What he read stopped him in his tracks, had him pack his bags, leave his beloved friendship circle in PE and head to Cape Town knowing without a shadow of doubt that despite being a struggling Christian his Father in heaven had spoken. Did he want to go work with his brother & Dad – No! Was it risky – Most certainly! Did it make good business sense with both brothers still wet behind the ears from freshly graduating from Varsity – No Way!
  • So, clinging to the little faith he had the elder moved into an apartment with his younger brother and opened a factory under Dad’s guidance. Within a year the elder realized that nothing was progressing besides a restored relationship with his Dad so approached his brother to go it alone. How & with what resources? – No idea!
  • With a hug, good bye kiss & explanation of how they felt they parted business ways with Dad and never received a single cent thereafter but enjoyed a renewed relationship when visiting him & Mom.
  • To make a living they sold infra-red heating and plastic drums that the younger brother always thought should not be discarded but cleaned and resold when they were still working with Dad.
  • For many years the only thing that really grew was their character & faith as life was lived month to month. Never did they go without a roof over their heads, good food in their stomachs & clothes to keep warm. Never did they need to beg, borrow or steal and despite their very different personalities were held together by their Christian base which was used to navigate staying & working together. They enjoyed wonderful support and looking back one can clearly see how various key people sowed into their lives – support, business principles etc.
  • Never did they receive a great vision of the road ahead or formulate a structured way forward, but agreed that whatever was being built was not their own but theirs to manage and that sowing funds into the biblical mandate was the reason they were on this road.
  • Along the road they bumped their heads and took the odd hard fall, were left fasting & praying when funds & faith ran out. With every knock came learning, valuable experience, support & only those miracles one can understand if you were there to experience them.
  • Then came the name change from B+G Finishing Services to BG Servers to align with the principle of Serving one another and the revelation of not only sowing funds but raising the standard within the industry they served to align with being an example to follow “Salt & Light”.
  • 23 years down the road here we are wondering how we went from a flat in Parow to a 1180m factory with a SANS10406 Accreditation (SABS of drum reconditioning industry) but are most grateful to have been part of the process.

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