If you need a pump to:

  • Extract water \ liquid from the ground, storage tanks, drums & containers.
  • Transfer \ move water from one storage point to another, from a trailer, bakkie, vehicle to fixed storage tank.
  • Water the garden – lawn, plants etc.
  • Feed the home or parts there-of automatically – Toilets, Washing Machine, Dishwasher from your water storage points / tanks.
  • Go completely off the grid by using only rainwater, bore-hole, well point, spring water etc.

We offer:

  • Submersible Pumps, Peripheral Pumps, Centrifugal or Transfer Pumps, WellPoint Pumps, Borehole Pumps, Pumps with non-adjustable or adjustable pressure controllers.
  • Pump Kits – Complete Pump with pressure controller, inlet – outlet & ball valves suitable for camlock and Gardena type fittings. For the person who prefers the DIY route or only needs certain items to complete their project pumps & accessories can be bought alone.
  • We customise, so pump kits can be made up to suit most client specifications.
  • Pump Rental - Rent a pump kit for swift water transfer.

Pump Repairs:

Our on-site technician has nearly 20 years’ experience and has worked on many different types of pumps. So, for a free assessment give us a try. Depending on how busy we are he may resolve your problem in under 30min’s or give you feed back within 24hrs.Out of warranty repairs start at as little as R250.00 which is a small fee to pay to have your pump sorted out in under 24hrs if no parts need to be ordered.

Why a Pump Solution?

  • Prevent potential Injuries: Carrying water cans or buckets to transfer or move water can be hard on the body when done regularly. We have had a number of reports that since the water crises people using this mythology have picked up hip, knee, back and or other joint problems from incorrect carrying and holding techniques.
  • Save Time & Energy: Pumping is a swifter process & requires hardly any physical work.
  • Minimal Maintenance.

Why automate the pumping process?

Spend the extra money on a pressure controller and you will be grateful you did because the longer you work with rain water, grey water & the moving of water about the more you’ll realize that manually turning the tap or valve ON/OFF when you on the other side of the house trying to water the garden or filling one tank from another how much spillage or frustration you face co-ordinating your efforts. The automatic controller works on pressure so when there’s pressure (Tap turned OFF) the controller keeps pump off – When pressure is reduced water flowing (Tap turned ON) the pump switches On and pumps the water. You have the added protection that if the pump runs dry because you have run out of water that it will automatically switch OFF preventing it from burning out.

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