What is Greywater (also spelled Grey Water, Graywater, Gray Water) & Black Water?

All used water / wastewater from household & business activities that does not contain fecal contamination (feces/pooh/kak). Water discharged from toilets & urinals (sewerage) is not greywater but known as blackwater because it contains human waste.

What is Grey Water used for:

To irrigate the lawn & garden plants, flush water for toilets. Treated grey water can be safely used for the irrigation of vegetables, non-& food producing plants.

Types of Grey Water:

Tip: Grey water does get an unpleasant odour depending on what it contains so use it swiftly – 24 to 48 hrs. We have found that once pumped onto the lawn or plants it may have an unpleasant odour for a short period but nothing that compares to the likes of compost.

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