What is Greywater (also spelled Grey Water, Graywater, Gray Water) & Black Water?

All used water / wastewater from household & business activities that does not contain fecal contamination (feces/pooh/kak). Water discharged from toilets & urinals (sewerage) is not greywater but known as blackwater because it contains human waste.

What is Grey Water used for:

To irrigate the lawn & garden plants, flush water for toilets. Treated grey water can be safely used for the irrigation of vegetables, non-& food producing plants.

Types of Grey Water:

  • Water from showers or hand basins – Contains NO food substances / organic matter – just your soaps, shampoo’s etc This is your safest form of grey water and can be used for most applications BUT NOT as drinking water.
  • Water from the Dishwasher or kitchen zinc’s or prep bowls – Can contain food traces, grease & oil and other organic matter – The higher the levels of these traces of organic matter the greater the level of filtration needed and the swifter the water must be used to prevent unpleasant odours from the decaying waste. So, if food plates still contain left overs & you generally don’t rinse your dishes before washing or placing in the dishwasher best you keep this water for the flushing of toilets once filtered.

Tip: Grey water does get an unpleasant odour depending on what it contains so use it swiftly – 24 to 48 hrs. We have found that once pumped onto the lawn or plants it may have an unpleasant odour for a short period but nothing that compares to the likes of compost.

you want to recycle or re-use:

  • Basin, bath water and shower water.
  • Dishwasher and washing machine water.

We offer:

  • Drums of various sizes to collect grey water. Everything from 20L to 1000L.
  • Mesh Filters to remove the larger solids. Prevent blocking of irrigation systems or garden watering equipment.
  • Various pumps to move or transfer greywater to tanks, garden, toilets.
  • Complete Grey water systems tailor made with the pump, drum & accessories of your choice.
  • Environmentally friendly bio washing powder & cleaning products.
  • Water treatment & hand sanitizers – For the treatment of algae & water bacteria.

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